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Andrew Streeter, director of CPS International is a motivational speaker on the subject of consumer packaging, the pack!  He leads our packaging events and delivers inspirational presentations for your company



Packaging Masterclass

Andrew Streeter is a Packaging Guru who has focussed his entire professional life on packs for the consumer.  In his Masterclass you can discover how to create real value for your packaged brands and change the way you think about packaging forever

The consumer landscape is changing and so is the role of the pack, the Packaging Masterclass demonstrates how to take advantage of this new situation.  Grasp how to interact with the consumer on the retail shelf at the 1st Moment of Truth, then how to engage with the consumer in their personal space, the 2nd Moment of Truth and then what is the 3rd Moment of Truth. Every challenge and individual company issue, from cost to technology, barrier to branding, supply chains to molecular chains can be addressed to ensure you come out of the event a packaging winner.

Packaging Masterclasses are normally in-house events that are adjusted to match your market situation.  Critically they are pertinent for all management levels which means you make strategic or tactical change efficiently by motivating your whole management team and gain profitably from your necessary packaging investments.

Join over 250 important companies and 1000’s of excutives who have benefited from Andrew Streeter’s acute understanding of packaging.  The Masterclass is a winning formulae from 30+ years of intense international experience that is now easy to access and will turn your packaging into a recurring revenue earner making your company more secure and profitable.


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In-House Events Presentations




We support company in-house events by opening up the world of packaging, the pack and pack futures to excite, inspire and motivate an audience into new ways of packaging thinking.

In-house events are critical occasions and over a long time Andrew Streeter has continuously demonstrated the magic and power of packaging and the pack at corporate events. 

Good communication for global or local audiences is ensured by a very visual delivery. It exposes packaging insights and ideas; it’s thought provoking. Your audience will understand packaging and the pack from a different perspective that is motivating taking their thinking forward, enhancing your packaging development and decision making.  

Every speaking occasion is treated as bespoke, drawing on your needs and our know-how tailored to the task you have set us. Packaging is a complex topic that impacts on every section of your business, Andrew will fulfil that special need for an inspiring easy to grasp event on this critical commercial force. 

You will find the result lively, impactful and as we say, motivating –it is not just a word but a business need, so that your team and their supporters will act on new thinking.

Andrew Streeter is a master of his craft which is used for development programmes, management meetings, sales conferences, or supplier open days and so on.




Packaging Workshops!


packaging workshops

If want a creative starting point for rethinking packaging, inspiring your management team, than a CPS Packaging Worksop is an ideal launch pad. 

Benefit from a multi-disciplined approach with high visual content delivering you lots of packaging stimulation. Choose from a range of modules, or have a session bespoke to you, you can bolt-on a brainstorming follow-up too. 

You will gain an immediate coordinated packaging response within your company; our multi-discipline approach talks the complete packaging language, all participants are absorbed, workshop outputs move faster for you and barriers to packaging change minimised. 





How to Build Packaged Brands



You can now ensure that your expensive investment in people can maximise the value of your packaging by implementing one of our training packages.

We have built a series of ten training modules on how to build profitable packaged brands. Each module is know-how on a specific aspect of packaging application*.

The complete programme takes a day but you can utilise the basic foundations or get into a pick-and-mix arrangement with add-ons to suit your particular needs. 

You are accessing inside knowledge, know-how, the outcome is your personnel have gained a key set of skills and can now hit the deck running and make better packaging decisions.  All part of our ethic of turning Packs into Assets.

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 * Qualifies for CPD in some countries

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Just a few of our inspirational events feedback...

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Andrew var en vitamininjektion.' Mycket bra innehåll och en enastående talare.
IIR Conference, Stockholm, Sweden
… delegates were highly impressed by your contribution.
Graham MacFadyen, Marketing Week, London, UK
… put together a first class presentation (which) was very much appreciated …
William C. Pflaum, Executive Director, Institute of Packaging Professionals, USA
… in particular Andrew Streeter from CPS was rated "excellent" by everyone.
Helen Yates, Binsted plc, UK

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